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Discover recruiter and hiring manager emails, and skip the line with customized emails. All in one click.

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Direct Path to Recruiters' Inboxes

5X More Effective in Hearing Back

Track Job Application

Record jobs applied through LinkedIn, HandShake and Indeed with one click.

Email Finder

We find recruiters' email addresses on any LinkedIn profile for you.

Stand Out with One Click

Send your first and follow-up outreach emails in one click after submitting applications or attending career fairs .


How it works?

Create email templates

Navigate to Template tab and create a personalized email template with custom variables to streamline the outreach process.

Here are some templates we prepared for you.

Send Batch Emails in one click

Search recruiters/hiring managers on Linkedin and we find the email addresses & send out customized emails with your applications attached to maximum 10 people at a time.

Keep track of your applications and follow up with all in seconds

Simply open the InTouch extension to save you applications. We also support batch follow up with all sent emails attached with applications.

Job Notifier

If there is a job detected on the current website, InTouch logo will show at the bottom of the page. You can also click the logo to save the job.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars by our customers!

I can barely get any interviews in the 2022 hiring season even with referrals because everyone get them nowadays. Thanks to this tool, I received several interview invitations in the economic downturn and ultimately landed my dream job.

Kevin W.

New Grad from MSCS @UCSD

Networking >>> Everything. This is definitely the most important advice I would give to anyone looking for a job right now. Intouch helped me stand out among the competition and secure multiple interviews after being laid off.

Jordan W.

Senior Software Engineer @Meta

I've often found my LinkedIn messages getting lost in the crowd, resulting in a lack of responses. The extension's ability to automate outreach emails has saved me countless hours, allowing me to focus on preparing interview.

Chary S.

Associate Analyst @Goldman Sachs

Flexible pricing options

Invest in yourself

We offer 40 free email search credits to get you started. Purchasing our solution is an investment in yourself, maximizing your chances of landing interviews and securing a brighter future.


For individuals who may not actively pursue job opportunities


  • ✅ 150 Credits for email search & send per month
  • ✅ 150 Job application tracks per month
  • ✅ Send batch emails with Linkedin search results in one click
  • ❌ Follow up with all sent emails in one click
  • Pro

    For ambitious individuals actively pursuing job opportunities


  • ✅ 400 Credits for email search & send per month
  • ✅ 1000 Job application tracks per month
  • ✅ Send batch emails in one click
  • ✅ Follow up with all sent emails in one click
  • Premium

    For individuals seeking more outreach credits for optimal outcomes.


  • ✅ 1200 Credits for email search & send per month
  • ✅ 1000 Job application tracks per month
  • ✅ Send batch emails in one click
  • ✅ Follow up with all sent emails in one click
  • F.A.Q

    Have a question?


    Candidates who consistently reach out for job opportunities are 5x times more likely to get invited to interviews. InTouch helps you to reach out to recruiters and hiring managers in one click.

    Emails are much cheaper which is $4.99 for 50 credits, and you can send unlimited follow-ups. As for InMail, it's $79.99 for 50 credits and you can not follow up unless they respond. More importantly, emails are more likely to be read by recruiters compared with InMail messages

    No, it is not supported now. But we suggest putting your resume in google doc and share a link.

    Email subject matters most and it should be clear and catchy to recruiters. In email, sell yourself and play to your own strength. What are your strengths and experiences you want to highlight. Also, include information that helps recruiters to locate your applications, such as a job posting link.

    We cannot achieve 100% accuracy in finding recruiters' email addresses. The accuracy varies for different companies. We suggest reaching out to more recruiters, which can be done quickly with InTouch.

    Sure, an application is not required (but highly recommended), but make sure you don't have application related template inputs in your template such as ${jobPosition}, ${company}.

    Definitely. According to a study, the average response rate for first email is 16%. Sending at least one follow-up will get a response rate of 27% on average. That’s a big jump! The purpose of a follow-up is simply to bring your email back to the top of their inbox in case they overlooked it, which can happen. In addition, this is a number game. The more you reach out, the more likely you will get a response and land interviews. We also support follow-up in the Application. Click the "Instant Follow Up" and select the applications you'd like to follow up.

    This is due to Chrome page zoom settings. Go to Settings -> Appearance -> Page zoom. Then set Page zoom = 100%.

    Rollover credits are a benefit exclusively available to our paid plan subscribers. Consequently, any unused credits are reset at the end of each billing cycle for those on the free plan.

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